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Seminar 2019

This year’s seminar is starting to take shape. Our next seminar will be held on Friday, 6th of December 2019. Here is the theme of the event:


Agenda and speakers will be updated soon as well as the registration link!

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Eurotoolbox – The journey

The Eurotoolbox 2017/18 is touring school and public libraries across the UK. Where has it been so far?

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Eurolis Seminar 2017

Fit for purpose: Skills for tomorrow’s information professionals

Eurolis Seminar 2017 - Fit for Purpose

Join us for a day of talks and debates and learn how to meet future challenges of the information profession head-on.  

On Friday, 17 November 2017, renowned information professionals from six different countries will draw from their experience in research and practice to help you tackle future challenges: Open and Big Data, inclusion, ethical issues and many more questions concerning future day-to-day work in the library and information sector.

Registration open: Buy tickets here!


Speakers and topics

Seminar flyer


09:30 – 10:00  Registration – Tea a­­nd coffee

10:00 – 10:15 Introductions

Welcome: Ignacio Peyró, Director of Instituto Cervantes of London
Welcome: Catarina Ferreira, President of EUNIC London
Introduction: John Lake, Vice Chair of CILIP ILIG

10:15 – 10:55 Nick Poole, Chair of the Conference, Chief Executive Officer of CILIP
“A Future-Ready Information Profession”

10:55 – 11:35 Silke Hoffmann, Acting Director of Reutlingen public library in South Germany
“Future Skills of Librarians – I Am A Networker, A Knowledge Mover, A Source of Inspiration, an Information Specialist”

Short tea & coffee break

11:35 – 12:15 Alexandre López-Borrull, Director of the BSc in Information Science (UOC)
“New Skills for Information Professionals in Knowledge-Intensive Organizations: Open and Big Data”

12:15 – 12:55 Maria Stella Rasetti, Director of Public Library Systems in Pistoia (Tuscany) and Principal Co-coordinator of a local network.
“Soft Skills: New Digital Challenges For Librarians In The Digital Age”

Lunch break

14:00 – 14:40 Ana Luisa Costa, Linguistic Researcher at the University of Lisbon
“Bridges for Reading”

14:45 – 15:00 Antonia Arahova, Responsible of International Relations National Library of Greece, Chair Division of IFLA’s Governing Board
“IFLA Division IV: Support Of The Profession. Managing Change in Education”

Tea and coffee break

15:15 – 15:55 Eléna da Rui, Manager of Creteil’s four public libraries, Paris
“Keeping imagination and creativity alive: our superiority to learning machines”

16:00 – 16:30 Concluding Panel Discussion with all speakers


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Alexandre López-Borrull

“New Skills for Information Professionals in Knowledge-Intensive Organizations: Open and Big Data”


Nowadays, there are new forms of use of information that few years ago we could not foresee. Many information and data-intensive organizations face very important challenges that can affect their future. Thus, the media and its relationship with the social media in the struggle for truth (or the post-truth). Universities, and their libraries, in data management in Open Science. All areas of public security in their relationship with intelligence. Governments in an open vision related to transparency. In each of these areas, information professionals should play a leading role. But for this, new skills and competencies must emerge for Library and Information Science. They will be presented in relation with other disciplines, like Communication and Computer Science.



Alexandre López-Borrull holds a PhD in Chemistry and a BSc in Information Science. He is an Associate Lecturer in the Faculty of Information and Communication Sciences at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (Open University of Catalonia). He is a director of the BSc in Information Science. He is also the secretary of the COBDC (Official Association of Librarians-Information Scientists of Catalonia). His research interests are based on information sources and their evolution in the Internet, including scientific journals, open science and legal aspects of digital information.

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Ana Luísa Costa

“Bridges for Reading”


No one is born a reader. And it is not enough to go to school, or to access Google, to become a reader. Raising a reader is a long term journey, with as much of cognitive and verbal development as creativity, emotion and affection. It begins before the child learns the alphabetical principle and follows different pathways; some of them are fast motorways, other tortuous rails. All this routes need bridges. Librarians and teachers face the challenge of building those bridges. The development of reading skills in the 21st century is not only a matter of selecting relevant and reliable information. Educators and information professionals must nourish the need for knowledge, the wish of being aware of what is going on, the will of being part of the discourse community where decisions are made. Some (old and new) pedagogical ideas will be brought into discussion as possible resources for helping each child to find her/his own project to become a reader.


ANA LUISA COSTA_PortugalAbout the Speaker

Ana Luísa Costa is Assistant Professor at Higher Education College of the Institute of Setúbal (Portugal) and researcher at the University of Lisbon Linguistics Centre (CLUL). She teaches different courses of Didactics and Linguistics in training programs for pre-school teachers and Primary school teachers. As a researcher, her work is focused in early Literacy and Educational Linguistics.

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Maria Stella Rasetti

MARIA STELLA RASETTI_ItalyAbout the Speaker

MARIA STELLA RASETTI is the Director of Public Library Systems (Services) in the city of Pistoia (Tuscany) and Principal Co-coordinator of a local network consisting of 50 Libraries and Archives. The San Giorgio Library is the main library in the district and is one of the largest and more innovative libraries in Italy.

She has considerable experience as Professor of Library Science at the University of Florence and as a trainer at several workshops on library marketing and communication.

She has written numerous essays on these subjects and published her first book “The transparent Library”, in 2003. She is presently writing a new book with the title “The Librarian, the Best Job in the World”.

Since 2011 she has been engaged in presenting the role of public libraries not only as spenders of public funding, but rather as creators of new riches, facilities and services in and for local communities. Thanks to a strong network of “allies”, she is daily engaged in overcoming the economic downturn and in strengthening and fortifying the role of a local public library at the heart of its community.

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Silke Hoffmann

“Future Skills of Librarians – I Am A Networker, A Knowledge Mover, A Source of Inspiration, an Information Specialist”


What are the demands on today’s and tomorrow’s information professionals? The Commission for Training and Professional Profile of the Association of Information and Library Professionals (Berufsverband Information Bibliothek e.V.) understands a wide spectrum of professional activities for information and multimedia specialists.
Everybody should have access to information and knowledge. For this purpose libraries need experienced, adept, competent networkers, knowledge movers and
inspirational power.
The commission supports, develops and promotes the profession in many ways and responds to the future challenges to library education and training.

SILKE HOFFMANNAbout the Speaker

Silke Hoffmann has been the Acting Director of Reutlingen public library in South Germany since 2011.

Mrs. Hoffmann studied Library and Media Studies Management at the Stuttgart Media University where she graduated with a diploma thesis about training in German libraries. She began her career in the library sector as the director of the Pfleghof public library in Langenau near Stuttgart. After two years, Mrs. Hoffmann became manager of the Oeffingen branch of the Fellbach public library. In 2011 she became Acting Director of Reutlingen public library.

As a certified training provider Mrs. Hoffmann is an active member of the Commission for Training and Professional Development of the German Professional Association of Library & Information Professionals.

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