Spanish book day today / Día del libro en España hoy

Today we celebrate in Spain the Book Day. This celebration began when the King Alfonso XIII signed a Royal Decree on the 6th of February 1926 officially creating the Spanish Book Festival.

The festival was to be held on the date that was believed to be Cervantes’s  birthdate,  the 7th of octubre. The original idea came from a valencian writer, Vicente Andrés Clavel, who proposed the Book Chamber of Barcelona, which was approved in March 1925.

Soon after, in 1930, the date of 23 April was finally established as “Dia del Libro”, (Day of the book in english).

The day was very quickly celebrated throughout Spain, especially in the cities, universities and libraries.
In Barcelona the official name was slowly reduced to match the Patron saint’s day, known as National Day of Sant Jordi (St George’s Day).


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