The journey begins…

The Eurotoolbox 2017/18 is out! This new collection encompasses books for children and young adults in seven European languages: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Polish and Spanish.

All books have two things in common: they all represent exceptional literature in their original language, chosen by an expert team from the respective country.

Traditional Tales

The books also all include one book that reflects this year’s theme “Traditional Tales” – be it an old classic or a reworking of a folk tale.

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The new Eurotoolbox was launched between 23–25 June at ‘Lightbulb Moments: Powered by Librarians’, a conference of the Youth Libraries Group and the School Library Association in Harrogate. After its launch the box will be traveling to school and public libraries all over the UK. Would you like to host the box in your library? Then get in touch with us!

How to book this year`s collection:

You can borrow the exhibition for 2 – 4 weeks at a time. To book a time slot, please contact Mariella Riccobono at the Italian Cultural Institute.

Have a look at our collections:

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