Seminar 2012

Metamorphosis: Multi-purpose library

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The seminar will explore how librarians and architects are developing new strategies over how library buildings are used, designed and occupied for multi-purpose activity. Sharing with partners, joint use buildings, flexible spaces, the integration of digital technology will all be topics in the arena for presentations and discussion by leading international speakers.

This one day seminar is organised by Eurolis, the consortium of librarians of European Cultural Institutes in London and with the assistance of International Library and Information Group of CILIP and the IFLA Buidings and Equipment Section. The speakers will come from library services in the main European countries – UK, Germany, France, Portugal and Spain.

Find out:

• How librarians and architects are developing new strategies for library buildings/spaces.
• The importance of using libraries for multi-purpose activity.
• About the integration of the digital technology and the effect on users and librarians.
Best practice for the new space: what works and what doesn’t.

Download the programme
Download speaker CV’s and abstracts

Venue: Instituto Cervantes, 102 Eaton Square – London SW1W 9AN
Date: Thursday, November 22nd, 9.30am – 16:30
Fee: £60 (concessions £50) including lunch and drinks
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