Seminar 2014


Title: E-Books – Reading the future

A one day seminar organised by EUROLIS, the consortium of librarians of European Cultural Institutes in London and CILIP.

The seminar will explore the impact of eBooks in the European market and how librarians in different European countries are integrating the use of eBooks and digital technology. Leading experts, coming from the main European countries, will share their experience and ideas with the audience:

  • Chair of the Conference and Speaker: Janene Cox, United Kingdom (Presentation title: “The English e-lending landscape and the four pilot projects”)
  • Speaker: Gino Roncaglia, Italy (Presentation title: “E-books, libraries, layers and a new generation of library services”)
  • Speaker: Klaus-Peter Böttger, Germany (Presentation title: “The right to e-read: the European campaign for e-books in libraries”)
  • Speaker:  Javier Celaya, Spain (Presentation title:  “Upcoming digital experiences in libraries”)
  • Speaker:  Paulo M. Faria, Portugal (Presentation title: “From new readings to new readers: challenges and opportunities to teachers and students”)
  • Speaker: Mélanie Le Torrec, France (Presentation title: “Making e-reading easier”)
Presentations will raise and discuss such questions as:
  • eBooks accessibility in Europe: from source to end-user
  • eBooks and EU libraries today: their effect on users and librarians – best practices
  • Developing new strategies
  • New technology and living on the cutting edge

EUROLIS seminar programme 2014 “E-books: Reading the future”  & EUROLIS seminar speakers 2014 (Speakers’ CVs and abstracts)

Venue: Italian Cultural Institute, 39 Belgrave Square, London SW1X 8NX
Date: Friday, November 28th, 9.30am – 16:30pm
Fee: £60 (concessions £50) including lunch and drinks

Please send this registration form to

EBooks seminar- registration form