Seminar 2021





An online conference held over 3 weeks | Wednesdays 03, 10 and 17th Novembre 2021, from 4 to 6pm

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The seminar will seek to explore the effect that library closures due to the pandemic had on children and how libraries have reacted.

Through online presentations from European speakers, we will learn what creative strategies of connecting young audiences and other digital outreach programs European librarians have come up with and the impact on children’s learning and development.

Seminar Chair & UK speaker: Carol Stump, Chief at Kirklees Library Service & President of
Libraries Connected


All sessions will be held on ZOOM. All sessions are in English. Time for questions sent via chat will be reserved at the end of each presentation.

SESSION 1 | Wednesday 03rd Novembre | 4.00pm (GMT)

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Introduction & welcoming note by John Lake Eurolis

Seminar chair & UK Speaker 🇬🇧 | Carol Stump, Chief at Kirklees Library Service & President of
Libraries Connected

Carol has many years’ experience in public libraries, starting as a library assistant and working her way up to becoming Chief Librarian for Kirklees Council. She is President of Libraries Connected and took up her role as President in June 2020. 

Libraries Connected represents the public library sector to communicate the value of libraries, connect partners to local libraries by brokering national relationships with a wide range of organisations and individuals, improve library services by developing and sharing best practice, providing training for library staff, and facilitating a network of library leaders in the UK and drive innovation and new thinking on the role of libraries in a modern society.

Carol has seen many changes in the library world, especially recently, but has never lost her belief in the social and economic value of libraries and the importance of libraries at the heart of our communities. She believes libraries are places to meet, play and learn and to support everyone to achieve and become the best they can be. 

She was particularly pleased to be asked to represent Libraries Connected on the Government’s ‘Tackling Loneliness’ network, along with approximately 70 other organisations, as she firmly believes that greater things are achieved by sharing expertise and knowledge.

German Speaker 🇩🇪 | Leonie Hintz, head of library at the Bücherhalle Barmbek, Hamburg.

Normally, the public libraries in Hamburg, Germany, are an open and very welcoming space for everyone: Apart from providing books, movies, audiobooks and more for the community, many events are offered, especially for children, and there are reading and study areas including free computer access and Wi-Fi. This suddenly changed in spring 2020, starting with a closure of five weeks. At the beginning, the most crucial questions were: Is there anything we could still offer our community? How can we support pupils and teachers in this challenging time? The reopening of the libraries in May 2020 did not mean everything was back to normal. Finding new ways of library services was inevitable because of the restrictions still in place. After more than 1 ½ years with the pandemic, some solutions proved to be a success and could possibly be continued long-term. On the other hand, reaching some parts of the community, especially children form socially deprived families, is still difficult. This presentation will show a few ideas and experiences as well as the importance of the public libraries in Hamburg during the pandemic.

Following her studies of “Library and information sciences” at the Hochschule der Medien Stuttgart (2006 – 2009), Leonie Hintz spent one year at the library of the Maison Heinrich Heine in Paris. After completing a Master degree in “Information and documentation sciences” at the Université Paris VIII (2010 – 2011) and in “Cultural and media management” at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater Hamburg (2011 – 2013), she became head of library at the Bücherhalle Barmbek, a branch of the public library system in Hamburg.


SESSION 2 | Wednesday 10th Novembre | 4.00pm (GMT)

French Speaker 🇫🇷 | Julien Maréchal Director of La Petit Bibliothèque Ronde

Julien Maréchal will go over the results of the online survey devoted to the impact of the health crisis on libraries in the youth sector that Petite Bibliothèque Ronde carried out from November 2020 to February 2021. He will also discuss how the association experienced this unprecedented period and the gradual return to normal since spring 2021.

Julien Maréchal has had the opportunity to work for the promotion of culture and arts in various fields, notably As Project Manager for the European Producers Club (2006-2011) and as Head of Cultural Activities for the Direction interrégionale des services pénitentiaires de Paris. He is Director of La Petite Bibliothèque Ronde since February 2018. Julien Maréchal also teaches cultural territorial development at Gustave Eiffel University and is a Board Member of Théâtre Paris-Villette.

La Petite Bibliothèque Ronde (PBR) in a nutshell. Created in 2007 by Geneviève Patte, La Petite Bibliothèque Ronde (PBR)continues the work undertaken by La Joie par les livres from 1965 to 2006 in the field of children’s libraries and the analysis of children’s literature.

On a daily basis, PBR promotes books and reading via numerous projects aimed at children from 0 to 12, trying to involve parents and professionals as often as possible whether in its own library or in kindergartens, nurseries and schools, in close partnership with artists and professionals.

The observations and analysis resulting from its various projects make it possible to develop feedbacks in the form of conferences, seminars, publications or training sessions offered at the local, national or even international level.

Polish Speaker 🇵🇱 | Jan Brodowski, Krakow Library

Projects of the Krakow Library Dedicated to the Young Readers During the Pandemic Times

Between 2020 – 2021 despite COVID-19 pandemic situation the Krakow Library offered to the readers numerous programs. The activities were adequate to all pandemic measures introduced by the government. It should be emphasized that the Krakow Library, as one of few institutions, maintained an uninterrupted continuity of operation.

Among the many projects, the most important should be mentioned:

  • Wake up! Start reading – time for family reading
  • Ciżemkowe readings – listen online with the Krakow Library
  • A small book, a big man (with the Book Institute)
  • The Reader of the year
  • The Literary Garden of the Krakow Library

Despite the pandemic, we maintained good contact with our readers. We also expanded the group of partners. Moreover, we gave jobs to those who were unable to work at that time (including actors, artists).

We have improved the quality of our online services. We also strengthened the image of the Krakow Library as an important and strong cultural institution.

The real beneficiaries, however, are our readers, especially children and young people, for whom the time of the pandemic was extremely difficult.

Jan Brodowski graduated in history (MA), cultural studies (MA) as well as political science  – international relations (PhD). He has various experience in academia, governmental administration, cultural relations and media. In the Krakow Library he coordinates issues connected with external relations.

Italian Speaker 🇮🇹 | Mario CoffaLibrarian and Archivist, University of Perugia

This strange new library

In my presentation I will examine the consequences that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on libraries in Italy from the point of view of both the provision of services and the use of facilities. I will also report on how digital services have contributed to integrate and at times to compensate for the various limitations within the Italian library context which is often variable and not always adequate not only in terms of physical spaces, structures and tools but also regarding professional recognition.

Mario Coffa is a CAeB (Archives and Libraries Cooperative) Librarian and Archivist and works for the Libraries at the University of Perugia. His tasks are varied and range from Front-Office Services to the teaching of various subjects such as digital libraries, social media, web creation and professional training.

As a graduate in Palaeography and Archival studies from the prestigious School of the Vatican Secret Archives, he is working on the reorganization of the Bartoccini Fund for the University of Perugia and is in  charge of the management and conservation of the Historical Archive of the Municipality of Gubbio (in the Region of Umbria)

From 2014 to 2017 he has been a member of the CER (Regional Executive Committee) of AIB Umbria (Italian Library Association section of the Region of Umbria) and was responsible for digital libraries and training.

From 2017 to 2020 he has been elected the Regional President of AIB Umbria. Since 2020 he has been a member of the AIB National Training Observatory.

He is the founder of the “Library World Tour” project in collaboration with AIB Umbria and Insula Europea. He has participated in various national conferences (Stelline, 2018), has published numerous articles and is co-author of the volume “Teachers and librarians on the path of lifelong learning” (AIB, 2021).



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SESSION 3 | Wednesday 17th Novembre | 4.00pm (GMT)

Spanish Speaker 🇪🇸 | Anna Cabré – Director of Innovation and Communication at Barcelona Libraries Consortium,

Barcelona Libraries Consortium and COVID-19: the challenge of maintaining strong community ties with Children and young people.

The priority during the pandemic was people, and one of the biggest challenges was maintaining the link with the children and young people’s community. At first, libraries focused on the increase in online activities and services and more interlibrary cooperation among the region; Two and a half months later, the aim was directed to a progressive reopening of the libraries and resuming gradually our face-to-face services and activities.

Anna Cabré has a diploma in Library and Information Studies, BA in History and BA in Documentation. Currently Director of Innovation and Communication at Barcelona Libraries Consortium, ​​previously Director of the Nou Barris Library in Barcelona.

Portuguese Speakers 🇵🇹 | Ana Margarida Ramos -University of Aveiro – & Inês Vila -Libraries Service at Oporto Public Libraries

Services and activities of the Portuguese libraries during the lockdown: a few examples

This presentation aims to contextualize and to identify some examples of different activities and services provided by the Portuguese libraries during the first national lockdown in order to ensure the reading promotion practices, especially the ones addressed to young children and their families. Taking in consideration the mission of the public libraries and the context of crisis and emergency, several activities were implemented throughout the country, either in big cities and smaller ones, intending to keep readers active and participative and to ensure some kind of normality regarding reading practices in the family.

 Ana Margarida Ramos (PhD) is a Full Professor at the Department of Languages and Cultures at the University of Aveiro (Portugal), where she teaches Portuguese Children’s Literature, Literary Theory and Reading Promotion in several graduate and post-graduate courses. She’s the author and co-author of several books and international journal articles (in Portuguese, English and Spanish).

Inês Vila is Head of Libraries Service at Oporto Public Libraries where she coordinates the Oporto libraries reading promotion projects and programs for children, young and adult users. She’s responsible for the selection, management and evaluation of the library’s collection and the development of services with Oporto School Libraries.

This third and last session will be concluded by a plenary session chaired by Carole Stump

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